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Julys, 2014

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KICK IN THE DOOR! Explore the dungeon, beat the monsters, KICK IN THE DOOR AGAIN. Kick in the door is a three-player local co-op party game where players must work together to defeat various monsters. Guided by your psychic monkey will you remember the combinations needed to win?


This game was created at the Super Friendship Game Jam, which was held to create games for the "Super Friendship Arcade" (SFA), an expo celebrating local multiplayer party games and inovative control interfaces. Ben Rausch had a crazy idea of making a one button multiplayer dungeon crawler (of Cool Your Jets Design and Animation) using foot pedals that were created for the previous Super Friendship Arcade (originally intended for Rakete). After hashing through the idea we crunched out a prototype and loved it. The rest was a week of all spare time going into the game and showing it at SFA. It was a huge hit and people were lining up to play! Not bad for a week's work! We're hoping to take this game a bit further one day ^_^ (and include a colourblind version, we did realise this would be an issue when we started but didn't have time to address it. We'll fix it up for you all to enjoy as soon as we return to dev on it!)


  • Three-player one-button (each) controls
  • Simple, cooperative, fun gameplay!
  • Beautiful retro/pixel artwork


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Shown at Super Friendship Arcade: Alpha" Cape Town, July 2014

Selected Articles

  • "I actually want to put the next game on, but I can't because people keep lining up to play Kick in the Door."
    - me, while manning the projector,
    - various (possibly inebriated) people at Super Friendship Arcade,

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Cool Your Jets
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Super Friendship Arcade: Alpha
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About raxterworks

raxterworks is an indie game company in the throes of creation. It currently consists entirely of Richard Baxter, programmer and designer of games. I implement shit that is fun.

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Kick in the Door Credits

Ben Rausch
Art & Design, Cool Your Jets

Richard Baxter
Development & Testing

Jason Sutherland
Music & Sound FX

Tim Smith
Engineer of Custom Hardware (foot pedals)

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